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"We take pride in providing exceptional quality service. Utilizing cost effective solutions to meet your budget and project goals. Thus producing noteworthy results." - Andrew Purcell, Founder & President  


 “Changing the Lives of Our Clients… One Project at a Time” - Andrew Purcell, Founder & President


"We believe value shouldn't be comprised" 

"Quality doesn't mean unobtainable"

"Customer service shouldn't be number 4 priority on the list"

"We believe in getting the job done right the first time, so you can get back to the things that matter the most"

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The Man... The Vision... The Founder & President

" Without Vision and Drive, is an Unfilled Life. Every Day Is An Opportunity & Adventure Waiting to Unfold..."                                                                       Andrew Purcell, Founder & President 

Andrew Purcell

The Man...

Andrew Purcell was born and raised in the beautiful caribbean island of Jamaica. His family instilled in him honesty, integrity, and respect for people, culture, and nature.                                                                          

Andrew Purcell at a young age, gravitated to design,  re-constructing, and building. It wasn't until Andrew arrived in Boston, as a young adult, where he began working in the construction industry... 

Andrew Purcell's personality can be defined as affable, charming, polite, and gregarious. Despite the demanding nature of the construction business, Andrew always maintains a calm, collective, demeanor.  

The Vision...

The Beginning...

Andrew Purcell has over 20 consecutive years of experience working in various capacities in the construction field, working with reputable companies; Union Local 223, Modern Continental, Frontline Demolition Company, and the renewed Big Dig Boston project.

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Andrew dabbled in many business ventures from entertainment productions where he marketed, promoted, and jointly sponsored some of the biggest name entertainers in Jamaica, to running a successful bus transportation company.

After running both start up business, Andrew's appetite was still unfilled. Nothing peeked his long term interest like the construction field. 

As a highly spiritual free thinker, Andrew knew his next venture would be Construction Management... 

The Founder & President....

"In life, we must work hard, stay true to our passions, and turn our dreams into reality" 

Andrew recognized over time the construction business had a minuscule minority presence in the industry and lacked diversity. 

"At one time, there was an abundance of minority construction business however, they fizzled out and lacked the ability to sustain in a highly competitive industry."

In January of 2018, Andrew Purcell took a leap of faith and the birth of A. Purcell & Sons Construction Management Company was born.  Andrew worked diligently cultivating a strong, diverse, construction management team to embark on his business journey.  

A. Purcell & Sons Construction is a minority owned, diverse enterprise that focusses on bridging the gap in the work force promoting unity, and opportunities within the community. “Unfortunately, too often, minority companies don’t succeed long term, by forming my business, I am able to bridge the gap, and promote within my community, a lasting building model, I would hope, for generations to follow.” 

A. Purcell & Sons Construction company focusses on attention to detail, client relations, and providing excellent demolition, construction, and design services.

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